Architecture Design

VERSATILITY is the mark of the talented architect. Across the world, and closer to home, LBA projects stand testament to our ability to masterfully adapt and respond to the most subtle nuances of the design process.

CONTEXT is an all-important element of every successful architectural solution. In the best architecture, cultural, geographic, climactic and programmatic considerations act in concert to tell the story of a people, a place, and a time. Monuments and mosques, schools, homes and office buildings: LBA’s work throughout the world stands testament to our ability to acquire fluency in a variety of vernaculars, and to respond effectively to a variety of program demands.

ENRICHING life’s everyday experience while fulfilling functional program requirements with optimum efficiency is architecture at its best. LBA’s work illustrates our commitment to the idea that architecture is the science of facilitating the functional demands of societal constructs, and the art of changing lives for the better. Far from being “frozen music” as it was once described, we at LBA believe that architecture can and should be very much alive, and a dynamic player in the theater of everyday life.