Garnet-Patterson Middle School

Washington, District of Columbia


7,500 SF




Full Architectural Design Services

Interior Design

Key Features:

Lance Bailey & Associates, Inc. (LBA) provided architectural design and construction administration services to the Office of Public Education Facilities Management for the renovation and upgrading of an approximately 600-seat auditorium at Garnet-Patterson Middle School, located in North West Washington, DC. Garnet-Patterson Middle School is a public school that serves 345. LBA was tasked with improving the auditorium as it related to abatement of hazardous materials that would interfere with new construction, replacing the approximately 600 occupants worth of auditorium seating, replacing the existing wood floor system with concrete floor topping, investigating and evaluating the structural floor capacity to facilitate new work, replacing/repairing existing sub floor and wood strip flooring on the stage, improving the ceiling lighting system by increasing illumination and enhancing multiple stage lighting (dimmer controls), providing painted finishes as required for walls, ceilings, doors, and windows, providing resilient floor finishing, providing floor drainage in restrooms adjacent to the stage, and providing handicap access to the stage via a lift.