Reid Temple AME Church New Sanctuary Complex

Silver Spring, Maryland


Reid Temple AME Church


42,000 SF


$3 Million


Full Architectural Design Services

Key Features:

Lance Bailey & Associates, Inc. initially provided condition assessment and feasibility study services to Reid Temple AME Church’s North Location. The result of that study was a recommendation for an 1100-plus seat sanctuary located at the far east of the building in order to limit cost and use as much of the existing facility as possible. The lobby is accessed from the south side of the building and did not require demolition of any existing windows within cast stone panels. All existing areas west of the sanctuary and lobby areas remain as-is. The program of the church was made to fit into the existing spaces. The choir seats 90-plus members, however, they are divided by storage and electrical rooms, which allowed us to keep the main fire pump room and main electrical rooms as-is.

The ‘new’ building was designed to be a single cohesive structure organized around the major core areas of the Sanctuary. The building was designed to have a non-institutional, inviting feeling.