National Park Service and US Park Police Facilities at Poplar Point

Washington, District of Columbia


154,000 SF


$88 Million


Full Architectural Design Services

Interior Design

Key Features:

The project was to be located on a site near the Anacostia River in Washington DC. The Anacostia River played an important role in the development of the region into the metropolitan capital it is today by serving as an historic trade route. This trading center later became farmland, then a residential neighborhood for the nation’s working class and, later, gained historical significance as the home of Frederick Douglass. The early deforestation that occurred to transform the area into arable land has contributed too many of the poor ecological conditions found today along the river. The excessive sedimentation and silting created by the loss of those natural riparian forest buffers resulted in extensive mudflats along the river, making the land less habitable and the river less navigable. The new site design will mitigate these adverse conditions and restore the area to an inviting destination within the city.