Moten Elementary School

Washington, District of Columbia


District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS)

Department of General Services (DGS)


119,000 SF


$18 Million


Full Architectural Design Services

Open Plan Conversion


Fast-Track Design

Key Features:

LBA’s modernization of the Moten Elementary School located at 1565 Morris Road, SE, Washington DC 20020 includes replacing all flooring, ceiling and wall finishes with durable and easy to maintain materials. All exterior windows and doors will be replaced with energy-efficient products. The conceptual design was developed with the goal to minimize construction costs while meeting the spatial requirements of the Educational Specifications. Demolition of existing walls will be kept to a minimum. The school building will be upgraded to meet ADA requirements. A new handicap entrance will be provided on the Ground Floor, and new ADA toilets will be provided as required. New playgrounds for Pre-K and Kindergarten will be provided adjacent to the classrooms, and a new loading area and dumpster location will be provided on Ground Floor.