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The Total Solution

T H E T O T A L S O L U T I O N is the goal of every member of the LANCE BAILEY & ASSOCIATES, INC. team. On every architecture and planning project, large or small, we work tirelessly to achieve that goal. Lance Bailey & Associates, Inc. (LBA) has to its credit an extensive portfolio of commercial, institutional, governmental and residential work throughout the world. The firm's experience incorporates leadership of a broad range of projects in architecture and interiors, planning and urban design, project management and development consultation.

Illustrative of LBA's versatility is the variety of programs to which we have applied the firm's broad range of expertise and talent. From master planning of Saudi Arabia's Jubail Industrial City to a Maryland residential addition, the same uncompromising attention is given to sound planning principles as to the detail of design. Our approach to creating an office environment for a small business is no less rigorous than that to challenges as complex as the conception and administration of South Africa's historic Community and Urban Services Support Project (CUSSP) -- an expansive countrywide program of housing and community planning and development, and the largest such USAID-funded project of its kind on the African continent.

Throughout LBA's history, our work for governments, corporations, municipalities and private clients alike has consistently demonstrated our commitment to principles of informed planning, creative and innovative design, fiscal responsibility, and sensitivity to cultural and environmental contexts. From master planning to details; at every stage of the design process we invest the high degree of personalized consultation that has become the hallmark of our practice. The entirety of our portfolio is the result of listening to clients, understanding their needs, and working to realize a shared vision.

LBA's ability to effectively interface with a variety of public and private sector entities, community groups and key players has been an essential ingredient of our formula for delivering rigorously developed projects on time and within budget. As a result, we continue to build a tradition and a reputation for excellence in planning, design, and management of projects involving multiple disciplines.

At LBA we never forget that architecture, design and planning only succeed when they serve human needs and enrich the human spirit. From the very first moments of our involvement, on every project, we apply the same values and principles to ensuring that details of program, space and place are harmoniously combined into thoughtful, sensitive, complete solutions.


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