University of Maryland PSC

College Park, Maryland

LBA partnered with HDR assisting in the Design Development and furniture layout of University of Maryland College Park’s new Physical Sciences Complex (PSC). UMCP is the largest university in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Participating in the development of this new educational complex came naturally to LBA, since this organization has been fortunate to have involvement in the design of numerous Washington, DC metropolitan public schools. The site of the PSC is adjacent to the Computer and Space Sciences (CSS) building. Although the new complex is connected to CSS, it functions as an independent landmark on this prestigious campus.

The PSC includes numerous technologically-advanced laboratories, classrooms, administrative spaces, and aesthetically-pleasing communal hubs. In addition, the landscaping of the new complex is designed to provide integrated seating and gathering spaces to further encourage positive student/faculty interaction. Pedestrians visiting this green space also gain visual access into the facility via its “Ellipse,” a curtain-walled and ellipse-shaped opening located at the building’s core.

LBA also managed the Construction Administration services.



University of Maryland, College Park


143,000 SF


$83 Million


Full Architectural Design Services

Key Features:

Sustainable Design


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